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The Number of Cars Worldwide Is Increasing

Today, more people than ever around the globe are driving cars. While it's beneficial to have reliable transportation to work or school, there are some problems with the explosion of the number of automobiles around the world. Too many cars can cause a host of problems, including air pollution, stress, and dangerous accidents. The impact of too many cars may be detrimental to humankind.

More Pollution and Smog

One of the biggest problems with the number of cars on the road today is pollution. Gas-powered vehicles contribute to a large percentage of the world's air pollution. Fumes from a vehicle's exhaust are one of the leading problems with air quality in places around the world. In some crowded cities, smog hangs in the air, potentially causing breathing problems and other health issues.

Driving in Traffic Can Be Stressful

Driving each day to work can also cause a great deal of stress. Many commuters don't look forward to their time in their car during their morning or evening drive. The reason it's so unpleasant is often due to spending a long time in the car dealing with traffic and the stress that comes along with that. Waiting for gridlock to clear causes many people anxiety and frustration.

Where There’s Cars, There’s Accidents

Car accidents increase when the number of drivers on the road at the same time increases. A dangerous car accident could cause serious injury or death to drivers and passengers. Even minor accidents can lead to substantial damage, large car repair bills, and higher insurance premiums. When an accident is substantial, a car accident lawyer should be hired to evaluate the losses and to obtain the most compensation if the accident is the other driver’s fault.

Transportation for the Future

There are many problems associated with too many cars, but lots of people and industries are working to reduce this number. Drivers are hanging up their keys and choosing public transportation or commuting by bike instead of their personal vehicle. Cities are aiming to expand bus and train networks. When this happens, the number of cars and problems associated with them will decrease.